California Working Families for Jerry Brown for Governor 2010 is a committee formed to help protect working families by aiding candidates like Jerry Brown.

We are a coalition of individual Democratic donors, labor, environmental and women’s groups, teachers, public employees, healthcare workers, property service workers, businessmen and women, and others interested in helping protect working families. Our committee includes firefighters, service employees, nurses, teachers, construction workers, iron workers, engineers, scientists and people from all walks of life who want a better future for California.

We are also aware that there has never been a more well-funded threat to working families than the one coming from Meg Whitman.

She has overtly promised to push back the progressive gains that protect the environment, public safety, schools and all working Californians; including nurses, teachers, firefighters, police and the people they serve.

Meg Whitman has promised to spend upwards of $150 million to sell herself and her anti-working family messages to California’s voting public. Meg Whitman plans to literally buy this election.

There needs to be a counterweight to if we are to be successful in taking back the Governor’s office — and that’s what California Working Families for Jerry Brown for Governor 2010 will provide.


Lou Paulson, California Professional Firefighters
Chair, California Working Families 2010

Bob Balgenorth, California State Construction and Building Trades Council
Chair, California Working Families 2010