Comcast Boosts its Top Cable Modem Speed to 8 Mbps (2023)

  • Airgain releases 5G FWA reference design January 5, 2023

    Airgain released an outdoor 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) reference design that supports the latest 5G-NR 3GPP REL-16 standards with 4×4 MIMO on DL and 2×2 MIMO on UL and is designed to meet IP67 outdoor requirements. Airman highlights 3 advancements for the new reference design: “Fixed wireless access is experiencing exponential growth and Airgain […]

  • Intel refreshes mobile processor portfolio January 4, 2023

    Intel is kicking off 2023 with the introduction of 32 new 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors featuring up to 14 cores (6 Performance-cores, 8 Efficient-cores) and enhanced Intel Thread Director. Key features: Up to 5.6 gigahertz (GHz) turbo frequency – the highest clock speed available for the laptop market – delivering up to 11% […]

  • CommScope broadens home networking portfolio with OpenWrt January 4, 2023

    CommScope launched its portfolio of HomeVantage home networking solutions featuring advanced, open-source firmware stacks. The HomeVantage portfolio consists of gateways and modems for PON, DOCSIS, Ethernet and Wi-Fi extenders, including support for the emerging Wi-Fi 7 standard. The new line upbrings capabilities from the open-source RDK and OpenWrt communities along with carrier-grade enhancements to meet […]

  • Qualcomm: Digital divide remains at 37% globally January 1, 2023

    An estimated 37% of the global population remains without access to high-speed internet and other digital technologies, according to an ITU white paper called Measuring Digital Development – Facts and Figures 2021.The three greatest obstacles are: The lack of internet connectivity where people live, work, or learn, The lack of affordability, and The lack of […]

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  • etisalat tests 100G PON with Nokia January 1, 2023

    Etisalat UAE has hosted a Nokia Bell Lab’s PON proof of concept (PoC) demonstration that achieved speeds up to 100 Gbps on a single wavelength — four times faster than the most advanced 25G PON implementations today. Nokia leverages digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to achieve 100 Gbps on a single wavelength. Nokia believes 100G […]

  • NTT refines its Coherent Ising Machine December 31, 2022

    Scientists from the NTT Research Physics & Informatics (PHI) Lab and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have presented a new algorithm that successfully combines amplitude control feedback and Zeeman terms to overcome inherent limits of a Coherent Ising Machine (CIM). (The Ising model is a mathematical abstraction of magnetic systems composed of competitively interacting […]

  • Samsung readies first 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM December 31, 2022

    Samsung Electronics is nearing production of 16-gigabit (Gb) DDR5 DRAM built using the industry’s first 12-nanometer (nm)-class process technology. Product evaluation has been completed ensuring compatibility with AMD. Samsung said the development was made possible through the use of a new high-κ material that increases cell capacitance, and proprietary design technology that improves critical circuit […]

  • Intel marks first EUV light at Fab 34 in Ireland December 31, 2022

    Intel celebrated first light from a new extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography system at its Fab 34 site in Leixlip, Ireland. The EUV scanner, which was supplied by ASML, generated its 13.5-nanometer wavelength lightfor the first time. The activation represents the first use of a high volume EUV scanner in Europe. Intel said the milestone ushers […]

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  • Digital Realty appoints Andy Power as CEO December 31, 2022

    Digital Realty appointed Andrew P.Power as its Chief Executive Officer, replacing William Stein who has departed from his role as CEO and resigned from the Board of Directors. Power has served as President of Digital Realty since November 2021 and as the Company’s CFO since 2015, with responsibility for global portfolio operations, technology development and […]

  • December 31, 2022

    AT&T and BlackRock Alternatives have formed a joint venture to deliver fiber access outside of AT&T’s traditional 21-state wireline service footprint. The newly formed joint venture — Gigapower,LLC — will deliver fiber services to internet service providers (ISPs) and other businesses using a commercial open access platform. The Gigapower fiber deployment will be incremental to […]

  • SpaceX launches first batch of next-gen Starlinks December 28, 2022

    SpaceX launched 54 Starlink satellites in the first phase of its upgraded network. SpaceX said its new FCC license allows it to deploy satellites to new orbits that will add even more capacity to the network. The satellites were carried to low-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station […]

  • Nokia and Huawei sign patent agreement December 28, 2022

    Nokiaannounced an extension of itspatent licenseagreement with Huawei. The terms of the agreement remain confidential between the parties.

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  • Singtel enters Indonesia data centre market December 21, 2022

    Singtel, in partnership with Indonesia’s largest telco Telkom and Indonesian energy company Medco Power, held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new hyperscale data centre located in Kabil Industrial Estate along Batam’s eastern seaboard. This is Singtel’sfirst data centre project in Indonesia. The data centre campus will be developed in three phases on an 8-hectare site […]

  • Blueprint: Building wholesale networks with OTN December 20, 2022

    by Chris Janson, Product Marketing Manager, Optical Networking As we ring in the new year, the transformation of business digitalization continues. We see enterprises increasingly dependent upon networks of highly connected devices and systems to control everything from customer transactions to just-in-time manufacturing. About a year ago, IDC outlined its predictions for 2022 digital transformation. […]

  • Huawei and Orange achieve 157 Tbps over 120km fiber link December 20, 2022

    Huawei and Orange achieved a new world record optical transmission of 157 Tbps over a 120 km fiber on the Orange network in South West France. In June 2022, Huawei released the industry’s first ultra-broadband Super C + Super L solution able to provide 12 THz of spectrum () over a fiber using C band […]

  • Oracle opens cloud region in Chicago December 20, 2022

    Oracle opened its 41st global region and fourth in the U.S. in Chicago, Illinois. The new Chicago region will offer over 100 OCI services and applications, including Oracle Autonomous Database, MySQL HeatWave, OCI Data Science, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Oracle Analytics. Oracle said its new facility has been designed to enable high availability, […]

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  • BT trials C-RAN in Leeds December 19, 2022

    BT announced a trial of cloud RAN technology in Leeds. The pilot scheme led by BT Wholesale, part of the company’s Enterprise unit, will enhance coverage and connectivity for those visiting, working or living in Leeds and serve as a proof of concept for future developments.The project has seen the first units installed at key […]

  • BT to combine Enterprise and Global units to create BT Business December 19, 2022

    BT Group will be combining its Global and Enterprise units into a single B2B unit, BT Business. The combined business unit would have generated FY22 pro-forma revenues of approximately £8.5 billion and EBITDA of over £2 billion, and it is expected to deliver at least £100m of gross annualised savings by the end of FY25. […]

  • euNetworks appoints Stephanie Lynch-Habib to President December 19, 2022

    euNetworks announced the appointment of Stephanie Lynch-Habib as President. Stephanie joins euNetworks following more than 25 years working in the telecom and technology industry. Most recently she was Chief Revenue Officer at InterCloud in Paris, responsible for driving growth opportunities for the business. Before joining InterCloud Stephanie led the global marketing and communications strategy of […]

  • Starlink hits 1 million subscribers December 19, 2022

    SpaceX confirmed that its Starlink service now has more than 1,000,000 active subscribers. In the United States, Starlink is priced at $110/month with a one-time hardware cost of $599. WATCH: Elon Musk expects Starlink to hit 500,000 subscribers in a year Tuesday, June 29, 2021#MWC21,Starlink “Think of Starlink as filling the gaps between 5G and […]

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  • FAQs

    Why did Xfinity boost my speeds? ›

    “The number of devices connected in Xfinity households has skyrocketed 12X since 2018, and the need for fast, reliable, and secure Internet will continue to grow,” said Bill Connors, President of Xfinity, Comcast Cable. “That's why today, Xfinity is increasing speeds for most of our customers across the country.”

    Is Comcast increasing internet speed? ›

    Those speed increases will be available to existing customers(Opens in a new window) as well as anyone new joining Xfinity and selecting one of these tiers. Comcast is aiming to offer 2Gbps speeds before the end of 2025, while its customer base has expanded considerably over the past four years.

    Did Xfinity increase download speed? ›

    Users on Comcast's Performance/Connect More plan (the name varies by region) will see the biggest jump, with their download rate doubling from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps. Speeds on the base Performance Starter/Connect plan are getting a 50% increase from 50 Mbps to 75 Mbps.

    Why is my Comcast internet so slow all of a sudden 2022? ›

    Your Xfinity internet might be slow because you don't have enough bandwidth in your current plan to keep up with your internet use. This may especially be the case if you've started working or learning from home.

    How do you tell if Xfinity is throttling me? ›

    Signs of Internet Throttling

    Download speeds have slowed. Specific websites or services are slower than others. Videos are buffering or lagging. Your internet speeds are slower than usual.

    How many Mbps should I have with Xfinity? ›

    Choosing a higher internet speed tier gives you the ability to transmit more data, which offers greater leeway so it is less likely that other network constraints will impact your gaming. To have the ultimate gaming experience, Xfinity recommends speed tiers with download speeds of 300 Mbps and above.

    What is the fastest speed that Comcast offers? ›

    With speeds up to 3,000 Mbps, Xfinity ranks as one of the fastest internet providers around, but Xfinity's internet plans offer something for everyone. If you're simply looking for cheap home internet to check emails or browse Facebook, Xfinity's 75 Mbps and 200 Mbps plans offer great value.

    Is Comcast faster than fiber? ›

    With Xfinity, cable internet plans average 1,200 Mbps and fiber internet plans reach 2,000 Mbps. These are often the fastest download speed available in most areas.

    What is Comcast fastest Internet speed? ›

    • 75 Mbps is good for. Up to 4 devices. Streaming services. ...
    • 200 Mbps is good for. Up to 5 devices. Streaming services. ...
    • 400 Mbps is good for. Up to 8 devices. Downloading large files. ...
    • 800 Mbps is good for. Up to 11 devices. Fast downloads. ...
    • 1000 Mbps is good for. 12+ devices. Super fast downloads. ...
    • 1200 Mbps is good for. Unlimited devices.

    Why is my download speed so slow when I have fast internet Xfinity? ›

    When Network Traffic Is Congested. You may also experience temporarily slower data speeds when the network is experiencing high levels of network congestion. This is most often based on where you are physically. For example, if you're in a crowded stadium, videos might buffer or pages could take a little longer to load ...

    Is Xfinity unlimited data throttled? ›

    You'll receive personal hotspot speeds of 600 kbs. After 20GB of monthly data use, download and upload speeds are reduced, but you aren't charged extra for the data you use.

    Why is my Mbps so low suddenly? ›

    Spyware and viruses can definitely cause problems, but your Internet connection speed can also be affected by add-on programs, the amount of memory the computer has, hard disk space and condition, and the programs that are running. Two of the most frequent causes of poor Internet performance are spyware and viruses.

    Is Comcast losing internet customers? ›

    Comcast has added about 2 million broadband customers over the past two years while its cable audience has dropped by about 3.5 million subscribers.

    How do I stop Xfinity from throttling? ›

    The best way to bypass Comcast throttling is to use a reliable VPN provider. To enjoy a fast and uninterrupted connection, ensure that you're connected to a reputable and fast VPN provider. The VPNs mentioned above are the ones that you should try to enjoy an excellent browsing experience.

    What is considered fast internet 2022? ›

    To help you decide the “best” speed is for your household, consider how many people and devices will be using the connection at once and how it will be used. One generally accepted rule of thumb is that anything above 100 Mbps is considered “fast” internet because it can connect multiple devices at once.

    How do I bypass throttling bandwidth? ›

    Bypass ISP Throttling Your Internet Traffic: Use a VPN
    1. Subscribe to the VPN of Your Choice. ...
    2. Download and Install the VPN. ...
    3. Sign in to the VPN App. ...
    4. Complete the Setup. ...
    5. Connect to a Preferred Server Location. ...
    6. Enjoy Throttling-Free Streaming.
    Oct 18, 2022

    Is throttling illegal? ›

    Is ISP throttling illegal? ISP throttling is not illegal, and sometimes, it's even necessary. Your connection would be much choppier if your ISP wasn't allowed to manage usage over its network. Throttling allows your ISP to ensure stable service for everyone using the internet.

    Will a VPN stop throttling? ›

    Yes, a VPN will stop ISP throttling as it will hide the content you are viewing from your ISP. Your ISP can't throttle your internet connection across all services, so if it can't see what you are doing, it won't throttle any.

    How can I increase my Xfinity internet speed? ›

    For improved WiFi performance, try the following strategies.
    1. Run a Full Network Test. ...
    2. Check Gateway/Router Placement. ...
    3. Regularly Restart Your Equipment. ...
    4. Confirm Your WiFi Network. ...
    5. Use a Single WiFi Name for Your Xfinity Home Network. ...
    6. Connect High-Bandwidth Devices via Ethernet.

    How many Mbps is good for home use? ›

    What is a good internet speed for Wi-FI? An internet speed of at least 25 Mbps is good for Wi-Fi. That will make sure that multiple people get adequate bandwidth on your Wi-Fi network while multiple devices are being used at the same time. For larger households, a speed of 100 Mbps is even better.

    How many Mbps do I need to watch TV? ›

    You'll need at least 4-8 Mbps of Internet speed to watch pre-recorded shows and movies, and 10 Mbps or more to stream live TV. 4K streaming requires speeds around 20 Mbps per user. So if three people in your home are streaming 4K video, you'll want a minimum Internet connection of 60 Mbps.

    Is Verizon or Comcast faster? ›

    Compare Verizon and Xfinity head to head

    We'll come right out and say it—Verizon is the clear leader here. Verizon Fios fiber internet delivers fast, reliable internet speeds over its fiber network. Its upload speeds are much faster than most other internet providers, so it's great for gaming and uploading videos.

    Is 5G as fast as Comcast? ›

    Not only does Xfinity provide unbeatable Internet, it offers speeds up to 1.2 Gbps, between 6 to 36 times faster than the most advertised 5G internet. The fastest speeds from Xfinity are available to almost all customers, as opposed to just customers within reach of a 5G tower.

    What is average Comcast internet speed? ›

    As of January 2022, Xfinity's national average download speed is 219.59 Mbps. Throughout their coverage footprint, the average latency on Xfinity Internet speed tests is -1ms. For context, terrestrial connections usually perform in the 5–70ms range. Satellite connections can be in the range of 500–800ms.

    Which carrier has the fastest internet? ›

    Viasat Internet »

    Xfinity Internet tops our rating of the Fastest High-Speed Internet Service Providers. Mediacom, AT&T, Verizon, and Frontier follow behind Xfinity.

    Which is faster Comcast or AT&T? ›

    In many places, Xfinity has the fastest max advertised speeds. Their Gigabit Pro plan has download speeds up to 3,000 Mbps, while AT&T's fastest plan has download speeds up to 940 Mbps. However, AT&T recently launched speeds up to 4,700 Mbps in many areas.

    What carrier has the fastest internet speed? ›

    Google Fiber is the fastest internet provider, followed by Xfinity and Verizon. *Data effective 12/19/2022. **Data taken from internet user results conducted on's speed test between June 1, 2021, to June 1, 2022. Not all speeds and packages available in all areas and are subject to change.

    What is the difference between Comcast and Xfinity? ›

    Xfinity and Comcast are the same thing. In fact, Xfinity and Comcast are different brands under the same umbrella if you will. Xfinity is the TV and internet service provider for consumers, while Comcast is the company that owns Xfinity.

    Why did my Xfinity bill go up 2022? ›

    A note on some recent Xfinity bills said that the latest rise in prices is “in response to increases in expenses impacting our services,” which includes retransmission costs imposed by TV networks.

    Is Xfinity internet speed test accurate? ›

    The Xfinity Speed Test is accurate, but given the number of variables that can affect your Internet speed at any given time, we recommend running several tests at different times of day to get a more accurate measure of your average speeds.

    How can I increase my Mbps download speed? ›

    How to increase download speed
    1. Restart your computer. ...
    2. Close unnecessary apps and programs. ...
    3. Disconnect other devices. ...
    4. Download one file at a time. ...
    5. Scan for viruses. ...
    6. Update drivers and firmware. ...
    7. Clear cookies.
    Jun 3, 2022

    Why is my internet so slow but Speedtest is fast? ›

    Some devices may not be able to measure the full speed of your internet service. It's also possible that your Wi-Fi router doesn't support the full speed of your service. Speedtest servers may perform differently. Generally, you will get faster speeds from servers closer to you.

    What happens when you use 100% of your Xfinity internet? ›

    You'll receive an SMS text message for each 50 GB you use over 1.2 TB up to the maximum overage charge of $100 and if you've opted in, you'll also get push notifications on your phone through the Xfinity My Account app.

    What happens when you use 100% of Xfinity data? ›

    Overage charges

    A block of 50GB will be added to your account, and a $10 charge will be applied to your bill automatically.

    Can you get unlimited data with Xfinity with your own modem? ›

    On the positive side, if you use your own modem and router with the 400Mbps plan or above, you'll get a $10 per month discount on your monthly bill in several of Comcast's regions. However, you'll be tethered to Xfinity's 1.2TB data cap -- unless you pay an additional $30 a month for unlimited data.

    Why did my Xfinity Bill randomly go up? ›

    A note on some recent Xfinity bills said that the latest rise in prices is “in response to increases in expenses impacting our services,” which includes retransmission costs imposed by TV networks.

    Does changing WiFi channels increase speed? ›

    The width of a WiFi channel dictates how much data can pass through and at what speed, where the wider channels are usually associated with more data transferred at faster speeds— at least, when they aren't impacted by interference.

    Will Xfinity lower my bill if I threaten to cancel? ›

    That means that your cable company is going to be willing to give you a hefty discount to keep your subscription — but only if they actually think you're going to cancel otherwise. If they think you're just bluffing, then they have no reason to offer you a discount.

    How to lower my Xfinity internet bill 2022? ›

    How to Lower Your Xfinity Bill
    1. Choose a TV package with fewer channels.
    2. Lower your internet speed.
    3. Stop going over your data cap.
    4. Get rid of rental equipment.
    5. Negotiate your monthly cost.

    Is Xfinity raising prices in 2022? ›

    Comcast Raises Cable, Internet Prices

    "On average, nationally, Comcast customers will see their combined cable and internet bills increase by a rate of 3.8%. That's higher than the average increase of 3% heading into 2022," PhillyVoice reported.


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