Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting (2023)

Owning a craftsman garage door opener feels good as it is one of the best brands. Every product has its own limit in terms of performance. You will get problems after a certain period. That’s why I have come with the Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Guide for you.

Craftsman garage door openers are a popular choice in the market for their performance and durability.

But once in a while, you may face some issues with the performance of this door opener. To ensure a better product life and damage prevention, you should troubleshoot any of the issues as soon as possible.

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Here you can find the solutions to some of the very common problems with craftsman garage door openers.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

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Door not opening

When you find the door opener cannot open the garage door, try to follow these steps to troubleshoot,

  1. Check if there is power in the outlet where the device is connected. Plugging another device can help you ensure that.
  2. Check if the fuses are blown or circuits are tripped, then fix them if needed.
  3. If the bottom of the garage door is frosted, then it would be stuck to the ground. So, remove any ice buildup if there is any.
  4. Now take time to rest and open the garage door. If the garage door has not been in use for a long time, it would take some time, so, be patient.
  5. Make the door free of any sort of obstruction from opening.
  6. Increase the force if you still find that the door does not open. Do this by rotating the knob labeled “up” clockwise. The knob is usually placed on the right side of the door opener unit.

Remote control not working properly

Often you may find your craftsman door opener is working fine with in-panel controls, but not exactly responding to the remote control. You need to troubleshoot the issues in your Remote control then. To do that, check the following signs to fix,

Check the lock feature

If the lock feature of the door opener is activated, it will prevent the door from opening. So, your remote control may be perfectly fine and functioning, and all is needed to disable the lock feature.

The battery of your remote control

Replace the batteries to check if the remote control itself is functioning or not. If new batteries do not seem to work either, then look for the issue with the control.

Operate with the in-panel control of the door opener

This way, you will be confirming whether or not the remote control is the trouble-maker and needs a fix. If you can smoothly operate with the door opener’s control panel, then nothing is wrong with the unit itself, it is your remote control that needs the fix.

Reprogramming the remote control

To fix the remote, you can reprogram it by yourself. We are here suggesting a method using the motor unit of your door opener. Here is what you need to do,

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  1. Press the “learn” button of your motor unit and release it immediately.
  2. Then press the remote button and hold it until you see the door opener lights blink. Make sure that the batteries are not very old that they might be dead.
  3. Then release the button. This should reset the remote. Test it to check if the garage door opens with the remote control.

Reversing after opening halfway through

The craftsman garage door openers are designed to reverse to prevent any accidents or damage to the door. When the door opener closes the garage door, it reverses back in case it assumes there is any obstruction to closing the door. Otherwise, if it forces close, it may damage the garage door, or worse, may cause an accident.

If you find the door closes and reverses back again without any understandable reason, perform some troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

Look for any obstruction

Look for any object lying around the ground that prevents the door from closing completely. The safety sensors cannot detect anything shorter than 6 inches in height. Thus, if there is any short object as such, that will make the door bounce back after closing.

Adjust the travel limit

Sometimes, if the travel limit is set to higher than the distance of the garage door, it causes the door to close and reverse. Because, after reaching the ground, the door bounces back assuming the ground to be an obstruction. In that case, you need to lower the travel limit for the garage door opener.

There are two kinds of models for craftsman garage door openers- one that uses analog dials to regulate the travel limit (which you will find in the older versions) and the other one that uses digital problem buttons to regulate.

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Craftsman garage door opener keypad troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your keypad or need to reset the program, then you need to check this video. This only guide helped thousands of users regarding keypad issues.

For the electronic models, you can resolve the issue by following these steps,

  1. Find the programming buttons at the back or sides of the door opener unit.
  2. Press “adjustment” and keep holding until you see the up button to flash, or you hear the beep.
  3. Press the up button and keep holding it, until you see the garage door is in an open position.
  4. Then press the adjustment button to confirm the command. You will see the garage opener light flash twice. The down button will also flash now.
  5. Press the down button and keep holding it until the garage door closes completely.
  6. Now, press the adjustment button to confirm. The door opener lights will flash twice, and so will the up button.
  7. Press the up button for a second. It will make the door open fully, and the down button will flash.
  8. Finally, press the down button for a second so that the door closes to its complete distance.

If you have an older model of craftsman garage door opener that uses analog dials to regulate, check below how you can adjust the travel limit,

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  1. Find the adjustment dials of the door opener, usually placed at the back or side of the unit.
  2. Twist the dial counterclockwise about ¼ of the perimeter of the dial.
  3. Check if it works. If not, repeat the previous step to your instincts to decrease the travel limit.
  4. If you find you have lowered the distance a little too much, just twist the dial counterclockwise to increase the length a little bit.

If you want, you can test the safety reversing feature by placing a small piece of wood under the door and closing it, then see if the door reverses back by being prevented by the woodblock.

Overheating of the unit

If you find your craftsman garage door opener gets overheated, hums, or stays rigid, there might be a problem with the mechanism. You can check if the diagnostic led flashes five times. On the newer models, it is shown by the 1-5 code, which means- the up arrow will blink 1 time, and the down arrow will blink 5 times.

You can troubleshoot it by disconnecting the door opener from the garage door, and for that, you can pull the emergency cord and lift the door manually. Now, look for any obstructions under the door or at the tracks. Sometimes, there are broken springs or any other object stuck to the door tracks. Remove them as necessary.

There is another solution to this issue. You can simply unplug the craftsman garage door opener from the outlet and let it rest for about half an hour. This will cool down the motor and then try to check if the unit works fine or not.

A complete list of error codes. Find it here.

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Common Questions on Troubleshooting a Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Q: Why is the light of my garage door opener is blinking?

A: if the light of your garage door sensor blinks once, it can be a sign of an open, broken, or disconnected wire in your safety sensor. Sometimes, you might see the light blink twice if the sensor wire is shorted, or the black and white wires are exchanged. But if you find the Door Opener Wires aligned in order, then you might need to replace them.

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Q: Is there any reset button in craftsman garage door openers? If yes, where is it located?

A: Usually, you will find the reset buttons in your craftsman garage door openers labeled as “learn” or “home”. This is generally placed on the same side as the door opener’s antenna and beside the LED light.

Q: How do I know if the motor in the door opener is overheated?

A: there are a few symptoms of overheating issues. The most common one in the led light flashes five times. Other than that, if there is an issue with the rpm sensor, the led also blinks five times. If you find the door to open to some length and stop right there, that is a sign of an rpm sensor issue. However, if the door does not move at all, it might be caused by the motor.


When you get a new garage door opener, we highly suggest you hold on to that user manual that comes with the device. Sometimes, there are a lot of tips and quick fixes suggested for the probable issues of the craftsman garage door opener. Besides, ensure to check your equipment regularly to prevent damages and accidents.

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Why does my Craftsman garage door opener not work? ›

If the door won't open or close, you may need to reprogram the opener. If the door sticks when opening, the metal rollers and hinges need lubricating. Also, check the tracks. If the remote and wall switch don't work, check your circuits to make sure one isn't accidentally turned off.

Why is my garage door clicking and not opening? ›

If your garage door opener is clicking, it is probably also flashing a light on and off. If this is the case, you have likely locked your opener by mistake. A lot of homeowners will accidentally put their opener into lock mode by sliding a switch or holding a lock button too long on the wall control station.

What does a blinking light on a Craftsman garage door opener mean? ›

Wiring Problems

Your garage door relies on the use of sensors to ensure that the garage will reverse the closing of the door when it detects motion beneath the garage door. If the sensors are not properly connected, the garage door light will blink continuously and the door will refuse to close.

How do you reset a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener? ›

Press and hold it for 6 seconds. This will erase the memory in the opener and your remote should no longer work. Now press and hold the large button on your remote and then press and immediately release the smart/learn button. Your unit is now reprogrammed.

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Why does my Craftsman garage door opener just clicks when I try to close it? ›

Clicking: Clicking noises are often caused by issues with the garage door track being misaligned and in need of an adjustment. It can be hard to visually examine and readjust on your own, so it's best to consult a garage door professional in this situation.

Why does my garage remote not work sometimes? ›

Garage door remote batteries typically last about two years before needing to be replaced. To check if your transmitter batteries are dead, try using your wall-mounted control panel to open the door — if the door responds, then dead batteries are likely the cause.

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