How to Make Every Dye Color in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft gives players a vast array of customization options,including different kinds of wood, stone and other building materials.To recolor more aesthetic items, players need a secondary ingredient: dye. Dyes are used in a vast quantity of recipes, usually to provide one of16 different color options for the finished product. Examples of crafting recipes that use dye include wool, terracotta, stained glass, leather armor, fireworks and even concrete.

Almost every dye requires its own primary ingredient, all from their own far-flung corners of the Minecraft world, so finding all of them can beoverwhelming forold and new players alike. Here's a breakdown ofhow to make each dye, where to find their primary ingredients and (if there are multiple options) whichmethod of crafting isthe most efficient.


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Brown Dye

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Brown Dyeamong the simplest dyes to craft, with only one option forits primary ingredient: cocoa beans. These can be mined from the cocoa pods that spawn on the sides of trees in the jungle biome. They can also be obtained from a wandering trader, whowill offer three in exchange for a single emerald. While they were previously available indungeon chests, they've since been removed. Finding a jungle biome might be a little tricky depending on the player's world, but they're easy to spot from far away with their towering trees and vibrant green color.

Green Dye

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Like Brown Dye,players only need to find one primary ingredient: cactus. Cacti are easy to find in any kind of desert biome, and can be grown anywhere without much difficulty, as they grow to a height of three blocks before stopping. Players simply need to check in on their cactus farm sporadically and chop off any growth above the single base block.After obtaining enough cactus, they'll need to smelt it in a furnace to convert it to green dye.

Black Dye

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Black Dye has two options for primary ingredients: an ink sac or a Wither Rose. Ink sacs are dropped from squids, which spawn in natural bodies of water. They can also be obtained as a junk item from fishing. This is by and far the easier way to obtain black dye, since the alternative is to traipse through the Nether and kill enough WitherSkeletons to drop three skulls. These skulls are then used with Soul Sand to spawn the Wither, an endgame boss. Mobs killed by the Wither will drop Wither Roses, but picking them up while dodging the boss's attacks is difficult to say the least.

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White Dye

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Like other dyes, White Dye can be made from one of Minecraft's flowers, the Lily of the Valley. They spawn into the world in all of the different forest biomes, but players might not enjoy going further and further out from whereverthey are based to find more. They can be spawned using bonemeal in Flower Forest biomes, but there's a much more direct way to craft white dye: using the bonemeal itself. Bonemeal can be crafted from bones dropped by skeletons, and players with an insufficient supply of either can create a mobfarm to automate bone production.

Blue Dye

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Blue Dye can be crafted using Lapis Lazuli, which players can find by mining or by trading with villagers. While the ore drops several pieces when broken, it's a valuable substance used for enchanting weapons, tools and armor. A better method for crafting Blue Dye is touse Cornflower, which is found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains and Flower Forest biomes. Flowers can be annoying to collect, but players can get around this by repeatedly spawning it using bonemeal. When generatingflowersthis way, use the bonemeal on an empty 15x15 square of grass blocks.

Yellow Dye

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Yellow Dye can be made with two different kinds of flowers: Dandelion or Sunflower. Sunflower can only be generated in the aptly-named Sunflower Plains biome, and isn't affected by bonemeal spawning. The Dandelion is much more accessible, as it's available in all biomes except the Swamp, Badlandsor Mushroom Fields. It'll spawn naturally everywhere else and can be grown using bonemeal in those places. This makes it one of the most accessible kinds of flowers for dye-making.

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Red Dye

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Red Dye is fairly easy to come by, as it has the most primary ingredient options.It can be made using the Poppy, Rose Bush, Red Tulipor Beetroot. Poppies spawn in every biome except for the Swamp, Badlands or Mushroom Fields, and can begrown with bonemeal. Players can alse use the Red Tulip, which spawns in the Plains, Sunflower Plains and Flower Forest, or the Rose Bush, which spawns in all the kinds of Forest biomes but can't be grown with bonemeal. Last is the beetroot, which can be found growing in villages.

Light Blue Dye

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Light Blue Dye can be made using the Blue Orchid flower as a primary ingredient. This is a rarer flower that can only be found in Swamps, though thankfully it can be spawned there with bonemeal as well. Playerswho don't want to trek all the way out to a swamp can combine white dye and regular blue dye, but this ismarginally easier, since the Cornflower isn't that much more common. However, players with a largeexcess of lapis lazuli might want to make use of this method instead.

Light Gray Dye

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There are three different primary ingredients forLight Gray Dye: the Azure Bleuet, the Oxeye Daisy and the White Tulip. Azure Bleuet can be found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest and Meadow. White Tulip can be found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains and Flower Forest. Similarly, Oxeye Daisy can be found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest and Meadow biomes. If players have an overabundance of Black or Gray Dye, they can craft Light Gray Dye using two White Dye and one Black Dye orone Gray Dye andone White Dye.

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Lime Dye

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Lime Dye can be made directly by smelting a Sea Pickle in a furnace, similar to the darker Green Dye. Sea Pickles can be found underwater in coral reefs, but searching the bottom of the ocean is a tall task. Fortunately, all players need to do is find one, after which they can use bonemeal to grow additional Sea Pickles by using it on an already-placed one. If that's too much fuss, Lime Dye can also be crafted by combining White Dye and Green Dye.

Magenta Dye

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Magenta Dye can be crafted using one of two flowers as a primary ingredient: Lilac or Alium. Lilac can't be grown with bonemeal and can only be found when the world spawns in the Forest, Birch Forest, Dark Forest or Flower Forest. Alium can only be found in the Flower Forest and Meadow biomes, butit spawned using bonemeal. If players can't find either, they can also craft Magenta Dye bymixing Purple and Pink Dye.

Orange Dye

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Orange Dye only has one primary ingredient: the Orange Tulip. Orange Tulips can be found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest and Meadow biomes or spawned with bonemeal in the same places. A much easier route is to combine Red and Yellow Dye, sincethose are composed of the two most common flowers in the game that can spawn in any biome.


Pink Dye

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The primary ingredient options for Pink Dye are thePeony or the Pink Tulip. Pink Tulip can be found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest and Meadow biomes, andthey can be spawned with bonemeal in those biomes. Peonies are much rarer, only able to be found when the world is generated in the various kinds of Forest biome. The easiest method, though, is tocombine Red Dye and White Dye, which requires only bonemeal and Poppies.

Secondary Dyes

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While most dyes have some sort of primary ingredient players can use to craft them with, there arethree dyes that can only be crafted using other dyes. Cyan Dye requires a combination of green and blue dye. Gray Dye requires a combination ofBlack andWhite Dyes, although the prerequisite ingredients (ink sacs and bonemeal) can be used in their unprocessed form. Purple Dye can be made by crafting with Red and Blue Dye. All ofthe requirementsmake these dyes a little harder to obtain, as players need to find two special ingredients instead of just one.

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