Idle Light City Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Light Up the City Fast - Level Winner (2023)

Idle Light City is a new incremental game that you can play on your iOS or Android device. The game is brought to you by AppQuantum, the same publisher of many other idle games, including popular titles such as Idle Guns 3D and Kawaii Evolution Clicker.

The premise of Idle Light City is simple. If you have played other idle games before, you will understand it within a few minutes of playing. This is an incremental game where your goal is to light up the city. Therefore, the game starts with the whole town in literal darkness. A woman will guide you through how to play the game, although she will not tell you much. It’s your job to discover how the game works. No worries though, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Our Idle City Light guide will walk you through the steps on how to light up one property and eventually the entire block. As you continue, you will unlock more blocks and your goal is to light them up with the light bulb characters on your screen. There are more features to discover as well. So without further ado, let’s dive into our Idle Light City tips, cheats and tricks and discover how you can light up the city as fast as possible!

1. Understand How The Game Works

The city is dark when you first start the game. Your mission is to light it up using bulbs that you can command. As you make them, they will enter a home or apartment and will begin lighting up the property. Each home has a specific requirement on the number of light bulbs. The bigger and more expensive the house is, the more bulbs are required to light it up.

When you are done collecting all the necessary light bulbs for the property you have unlocked, you can start earning from it.

In the beginning, you will only have the A Block open. You can access the next one, B Block, when you have unlocked all the properties in A Block. Do the same with B Block, and you can work on lighting up the C Block. Finally, you can unlock Park, which is the last neighborhood in the city that needs lights.

Remember that even if you have bought all the properties in the A Block, you will still need $10 billion to unlock the B Block. Each neighborhood has a monetary requirement before you can begin buying your first house there.

Familiarize yourself with the gameplay, along with its icons and features. Idle Light City is not at all complicated; you just need to take some time to play it to understand how buttons and upgrades work.

The first thing you need to do is to buy Light Bulbs, which you can do by tapping on the Buy button at the bottom part of the screen. It shows you how much the light bulbs are worth. You will have to keep clicking until you fill the property with bulbs. You can see how many light bulbs are needed at the top of the home.

2. Get Rich With Idle Cash

Idle Light City, just like other idle games, does not require you to stay in the game for hours. You can just keep visiting throughout the day for a few minutes. With this technique, you can actually earn more, compared to being in the game for several hours. It’s recommended that you stay away (or go idle) from the game for at least an hour.

When you get back, you have the chance to double your profit by watching a quick ad. Note that you have to tap the “x2 Money” button to get more rewards. Avoid the X button on the right side since it will close the box, which removes your chance of doubling your idle cash.

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If the x2 button is disabled or grayed out, wait for a few seconds until it turns purple. Sometimes, it can take more than a minute, but be patient. Getting twice your real profit is worth waiting for, mainly because the properties and their upgrades can become insanely difficult to purchase as you progress.

3. Watch Ads To Double Your Rewards

Just like with doubling your profit after being idle for a few hours, you can also watch ads to get more cash in Idle Light City. There are a couple of ways to do it, so let’s take a look at them:

– Find the Money x2 button at the top left corner of your screen. Tap on it, and an ad will play. After watching, you can get doubled profits for 15 minutes. You should see a timer in the same part of the screen, which indicates that the multiplier is successfully activated.

– Find the x2 speed button, which is displayed at the top right corner of the screen. However, it disappears after 15 to 25 seconds. You should tap on it before it expires. If you do, it will trigger an ad, which you need to watch until the end to get x2 speed on time. This special offer only lasts for one minute and 15 seconds, though. Use the money you earn wisely by upgrading the properties.

– Get x2 power by watching an ad. This power-up is useful when you just bought a property. Some of the houses require thousands of light bulbs, which can take a long time to fill. With twice the power, you complete the requirements faster.

Sometimes, offers for individual buildings will appear, such as Auto Collect and the next upgrade. Make sure you collect them since they are timed as well. They will save you a lot of money. Instead of buying them with your idle cash, you only have to watch an ad, and you get the upgrade for free.

4. Spin The Wheel For More Bonuses

You receive at least five free spins each day. At the bottom left of the screen, you will see the Free Spin image. Tap on it, and a wheel will appear with the following rewards:

+5 minutes to do a time jump from the current time to the specified time
+10 minutes for another time-lapse bonus, but this time, longer
+3 diamonds
+5 diamonds
+8 diamonds
Jackpot, which varies after you claim every spin

There is no button for you to start spinning, however. The only way to give the wheel a whirl is to watch an ad. If you need a quick jump into the future, winning either of the time-lapse choices is incredibly helpful.

5. Upgrade The Light Bulbs

The Light Bulbs are the main characters in Idle Light City. Therefore, you have to make sure they are leveled up as you go on. Tap on Upgrade just above the Buy box. It will open the options for upgrading the Light Bulbs. Aim to activate the Auto Buy option, which is crucial, so you do not have to manually tap on the Buy button whenever you unlock a new property.

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Light Bulb speed is another upgrade, which determines how fast the production of Light Bulbs will be. Note that you can also enhance their speed by tapping on the screen several times.

You should improve their power, so it becomes easier to fill the homes. The higher the power, the fewer bulbs you need.

The final upgrade is for the Special Lightbulb, which tells you how often you will see this particular offer. It’s the bubble with the power sign in it, which floats around the screen. The higher the value here, the more frequent you will see the Special Lightbulb.

The second part involves the two upgrades on the sides of the Buy option. On the left, you will see Capacity, which tells you how many Light Bulbs can appear on the screen at the same time. You may want to upgrade it, but do not go overboard. This way, you still have plenty of money left for other upgrades.

The other option is the Production Rate, which tells you the number of bulbs you can purchase every second. The maximum is 0.5 seconds for every bulb. Therefore, you produce two Light Bulbs for each second. Both the Capacity and the Production Rate are useful, but you should not upgrade them so much. There are other ways to increase the Light Bulbs and power produced, including time-lapses and using the biggest character in the game, which will be discussed later.

6. Upgrade The Properties

When you have enough money, you should improve the stats of each house that you own. Tapping on the houses will give you the details you need for them, such as the name of the building, level, income, and the time required to get your profits.

You should aim to level up the houses. This will help you to increase your earnings, as well as reduces the amount of time needed for collection. As much as possible, all homes should be upgraded to around level 50.

Another way to level up the properties is to tap on the red Upgrade button and look for Collection Speed and Profit x3. These two upgrades, however, are house-specific and they do not appear when you have not purchased the property yet.

7. Enable Auto Collect Money From Properties

When you upgrade the houses, they will give you more income in a shorter time. All you need to do is tap on the money on top of each home.

Idle Light City is an idle game, which means you will most likely spend just a few minutes playing it. You cannot keep staring at the screen, waiting for the dollars to pop up. The solution is to enable Auto Collect. There are two ways to activate this feature. First, tap on the Upgrade option on the bottom right, the one with the red arrow pointing upward. You will see two sections on this box. Ignore the second one and just focus on the first for now.

You will see which properties you can upgrade, along with the amount. There are three types of upgrades here, though, but your goal is to activate Auto Collect. Find a building that you can enable this function with and upgrade. It should have the dollar sign and the letter for the Block where the property belongs to.

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8. Watch Videos To Meet Goals

The videos you watch per day are counted toward this particular goal. Currently, it is not explicitly labeled or detailed in the game. It just pops up when you have reached five ads per day, telling you that you have accomplished the Video Goal. It’s useful though, because you can earn up to 10 gems daily.

9. Earn Diamonds To Buy Better Upgrades

Speaking of gems, you should take all the opportunities to earn more of them. There are two main ways to get diamonds in Idle Light City. The first one is discussed above, where you simply watch five ads per day. You will receive 10 diamonds when you have accomplished the task.

The second one is to purchase properties and fill them up with Light Bulbs. Once you have met the required number of bulbs, you will receive approximately two diamonds.

You can also go to the Diamond Shop, which allows you to purchase time lapses and upgrades that last forever. For instance, you can pay 100 diamonds to activate the x2 profits or 125 diamonds for x2 power for the Light Bulbs. They are worth the gems because they do not expire.

10. Summon The Bulb King For Higher Light Power

The Bulb King gives you 50 watts of power, which means it’s equivalent to 50 Light Bulbs. If you have upgraded the Light Bulb Power, you will see the amount of wattage for each bulb produced.

To summon the Bulb King, you only have to watch an ad. He will automatically walk around the neighborhood and go straight to the property that needs light. If you cannot find this option, it means that you do not have a house that requires power. You need to purchase one first to call the Bulb King.

11. Take Advantage Of The Time Lapse Cheat

In many idle games, you can use the time-lapse cheat, and this applies to Idle Light City as well. However, we do not recommend to use the time-lapse cheat for players who want the full experience out of this game. The game may not be challenging anymore, especially if you keep activating this technique.

Nevertheless, the time-lapse cheat is a common strategy that many players use when playing an idle game. Normally, there are four ways to perform a time-lapse in Idle Light City. One is to spin the wheel and hope that you land on a five or ten-minute time lapse. The second is to wait for a special offer on the left side of the screen. It will give you a quick jump into the future. Typically, the time jump is only up to 15 minutes.

The third option is to use the Special Lightbulb Chance. It will start floating on the screen more if you upgrade its occurrence. However, it does not always give a time lapse, so you still have to wait for it. The fourth and final option is to use your diamonds to buy this function.

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To activate, you should tap on the shopping cart button. It will open the diamond shop. At the top, you will see that you can get five diamonds for free, along with some in-game purchases using real money. If you have collected enough diamonds, you can purchase a time lapse:

15 diamonds for a 30-minute jump to the future
50 diamonds for two hours
150 diamonds for six hours
400 diamonds for 24 hours, which means you can skip one whole day

Although using the diamonds is worth the purchase, it can take a while for you to collect 100 diamonds. Also, you need to keep watching ads to gain them. For a quicker solution, you can try this time lapse cheat.

What you need to do is to change the time of your phone, such as five hours forward. When you get back into the game, you will notice that you have the profits and bonuses equivalent to the time that was supposed to have elapsed. It is quick and easy – and free. You do not have to use your diamonds so you can take advantage of them for other upgrades.

12. Unlock Prestige To Use Power Cells

When you have purchased all the buildings in the A Block, the Prestige feature will become available. You can access it by going to the Upgrade menu and tap on the second section next to Upgrades. You will see your total number of power cells at the top of the screen, along with the available enhancements. According to the game, Prestige gives you power cells, which you can utilize for powerful boosts. Unfortunately, activating Prestige will cause you to lose your progress.

It means that you have to start from the beginning with no properties. However, you will have a multiplier and extra money to kickstart your progress. You will notice that the game is a bit faster now, particularly with the profits you collect.

To buy a Prestige, tap on the red button and confirm. You will see how many power cells you can gain when you perform Prestige. If you do not want to lose your progress, you can use the premium method where you have to spend 75 diamonds to save your game. Therefore, you get the same number of power cells, but you do not have to restart Idle Light City from scratch.

You will first have 15 power cells, which will grow the next time you want to do a Prestige upgrade again. The number of power cells you gain can be used to buy permanent upgrades, including:

– X3 productivity for the whole city, which costs 25 power cells
– X3 light bulb power for 25 power cells
– X3 productivity rate for the entire town, which requires 250 power cells
– Increase the productivity three times more with 2.5k power cells

When you unlock the Prestige function, it does not mean you have to enable it right away. It’s useful, but it can become even more efficient if the number of power cells that you can use is higher. To increase the number of power cells, you have to keep playing the game. Get more money and focus on earning from your properties. You can also get diamonds along the way, so you do not have to redo the whole A Block.

Many players wonder when they should tap on the Prestige button. Since it pushes you back to where you started, you should determine exactly when to perform this particular upgrade. It’s not ideal to keep restarting the game to try getting the boosters. For some people playing Idle Light City, they may want to redo the game because they made a mistake with some upgrades.

You should still be careful and time your Prestige action correctly. We highly recommend that you wait for the power cells to be enough for an upgrade or the booster listed above. Therefore, you should have at least 25 power cells before you hit that Prestige button. It should not take a long time. After all, you already get 15 cells after a few minutes of unlocking the B Block.

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Note that when you choose the Prestige option, and you already have enough power, the upgrade you have purchased will no longer disappear. Together with all the other enhancements in the game, Idle Light City will become more exciting as you continue lighting up the entire community.
Aim to activate the permanent bonuses because they will make the gameplay much smoother, especially when purchasing upgrades for the properties.

That’s it for our Idle Light City guide, including tips, cheats and tricks. Do you know other tips or strategies that you would like to share with us? If so, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!



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