Satisfactory: How to Make Efficient Factories (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies) (2022)

There are many important mechanics that players need to understand if they hope to excel in the world of Satisfactory, including building an efficient factory. For example, players will need to figure out how to mine each of Satisfactory's resources and convert them into usable parts. They also need to be able to transport each of these resources back to their main factory area by using things like conveyor belts and pipe systems. Players who are unable to do these things will never make it to the later stages of the game.

One of the most important aspects of the game though has to be for players to understand how to create the most efficient and organized factories possible. If a factory is more organized then the player will be able to navigate it faster and acquire the necessary resources more effectively. Knowing where everything is makes the player's life much easier in the long run. This guide shows players how to make efficient factories.

For example, smelting ores away from the main base is recommended in Satisfactory as raw ore takes too much space and ends up making the size of the base quite massive. In addition, players should also use a calculator to figure out how much space they require for their base. This includes taking into account extra space for expansion and more efficiency. Another great tip Satisfactory players can follow is not to put up any walls before everything is finalized, as they might have to reconfigure layouts and lights.

Satisfactory: How to Make the Most Efficient Factories

Satisfactory: How to Make Efficient Factories (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies) (1)
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Keep Things Separated By Type - One of the most important things that players can keep in mind when designing their factory is to keep things separate and in their own areas. If the player has a section of their factory that is being used to convert Iron Ore into simple Iron parts then they don't want to toss machines that make Copper parts in there. This can get very confusing very fast, so it's best to either build a separate factory or an additional floor for any other Resource types. This gets a little more difficult with complicated part types like Steel that require Iron, Copper, and Coal to create. Rather than separating based on resource type, the player should instead separate their areas based on the kinds of parts being crafted. Have an Iron, Copper, or Steel part factory or floor.

Use A Chaotic Factory While Making an Organized One - One of the biggest mistakes that players can make though is attempting to create an organized factory in Satisfactory immediately in the game, which will take players a lot of time in the early hours. Instead, it is better to construct a haphazard and kind of chaotic factory at first that will help the player push their way through the first couple of Tiers. While this more chaotic factory is creating things the player can then spend their time working on a much more efficient factory nearby. They can set all of their machines and power sources up how they wish and then wait to activate it until its all put together. The player then just has to direct the resources they need away from their old factory and to the more efficient one.

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Set Up Proper Supply Lines - As the player makes it further into the game they will need very efficient supply lines in order to keep up their high demand for resources. While conveyor belts are perfect for nearby nodes, this form of transporting resources can actually be very slow over longer distances. To keep things running smoothly players will instead want to set up trains and drones in Satisfactory that can quickly transport resources around the world. This is particularly useful as the player has to travel further and further away from their main hub area in order to get their hands on different resources.

Use Splitters, Mergers, and Wall Mounted Sockets - Splitters and Mergers are a big part of any organized factory because they will allow the player to properly direct crafted parts in different ways. Splitters are great for when the player has crafted a high number of simple parts and wants to split them between Assemblers to create higher-tiered parts. Mergers on the other hand are best used to cut down on the amount of conveyers that need to be used and are particularly helpful when the player is trying to direct parts at the end of their factory into storage containers. Finally, Wall Mounted Sockets are for directing power currents through walls, which allows the player to set up generators outside of their factory without having to put down an obscene amount of power poles. This saves resources and keeps things looking cleaner.

Satisfactory: How to Make Efficient Factories (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies) (2)
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Concrete Floors and Conveyor Poles are Necessary - While it's easy to just slap down machines and belts on the bare floor, this can cause a lot of problems with space and organization later on in the game. Concrete Floors become the player's biggest tool to fight against disorganization. By placing a floor down the player can then set their factory up into a series of structured grids, which then allows them to measure the exact layout of their factory lines. Combining this with the Ctrl button allows the player to set up tight and organized structures in Satisfactory. The player can then take Conveyor Poles in order to layout exactly where Conveyors will travel throughout their factory and can make sure they are able to use all of their space as efficiently as possible.

Understand When To Split Resources -The Splitter isn't just useful for parts but can be invaluable for resources as well. If a specific line on a factory is has too many resources being pumped into it then the machines on that line will become horribly inefficient in the long run. A full line means that machines can't process resources quickly, which means resources won't move on the belts, which then means that the resource Miner will become idle. All of that leads to parts being produced at a much slower rate. The way to fix this is to install a splitter on the line somewhere in order to direct resources down a different belt that needs more resources on it. This saves the player in the long run as they will be able to create more parts while harvesting fewer resource nodes overall.

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Have Specific Areas for Storage and Power - One of the best tips that the player can learn for setting up their factory is that they should try to have specific locations for their Storage Containers and Generators. Storage Containers should be set up near the player's home base and the Sky Elevator. This allows them to grab resources quickly and use them to transcend tiers easier. With Generators, the player should set up specific power plants rather than just having generators next to every factory line they are needed on. If the player has them all right with each other it makes refueling the generators much easier as the player doesn't have to run all the way around their factory to find each individual power source.

Remember The Game's Tendency to Lag - Players who have managed to make their way further into Satisfactory and don't have one of the most powerful PCs on the planet will probably have noticed that the game will tend to lag quite a bit as a factory becomes more complicated. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of moving parts for it to keep track of, so players will want to do everything possible to prevent this. Making an efficient factory is one surefire way to help this because it ensures that the player is able to create the number of parts necessary for proceeding in the game while requiring fewer machines and resources. Keeping factories separated as well will help this process.

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Satisfactory can be played on PC.


How do you optimize factory satisfactory? ›

Everything works because it was all planned in advance. Now tip number three ideally you want to

How do you make a factory satisfactory clean? ›

I always recommend feeding the buildings from above or below this keeps the factory floor clear

How do you make a vertical factories satisfactory? ›

So let's just take my iron plate and i'm going to split this off and i'm going to go in that

What do you do in satisfactory? ›

Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Play alone or with friends, explore an alien planet, create multi-story factories, and enter conveyor belt heaven!

Do resources run out satisfactory? ›

All resource nodes are infinite which means they cannot be depleted.

How do you float in satisfactory? ›

While equipped, press and hold Jump Space to start flying, hold Jump Space to ascend, hold Crouch C to descend, and double-tap Crouch C to exit hover mode.

Does satisfactory have a creative mode? ›

The No Cost Creative Mode is a debug flag in the game that allows you to build things without needing the required items in your inventory. Great for when creating tutorial content and it doesn't require you to use mods.

How do you make a satisfactory bus? ›

Satisfactory Main Bus Tutorial - YouTube

Where do I start satisfactory? ›

Starting areas

The player can choose one of four locations to start in: the Grass Fields, Rocky Desert, Northern Forest or Dune Desert.

Can you stack constructors in satisfactory? ›

Yes, a constructor can be placed on one foundation, but there is no more space left for walls on the left and the right. So place the constructor in the middle of 2 foundations and you have room left. One constructor -> 2 foundations + walls.

How do you build mass in satisfactory? ›


Is Satisfactory good solo? ›

It's good in single player, but it really is a lot more fun in Co-Op, especially if you have a physical, real-life friend to play with.

Can you beat Satisfactory? ›

Satisfactory is an open-ended game. As there is no actual 'Win' condition, players are not required to strictly follow this guide.

What is the main goal in Satisfactory? ›

The ultimate goals of the game are to build a fully automated factory that can manufacture any item without requiring the player's manual intervention and to deliver all required project parts to the Space Elevator.

How many smelters are in a miner? ›

Smelter. A Smelter consumes 30 Iron Ore/min and produces 30 Iron Ingots/min. Therefore the Miner can support four Smelters.

What is Caterium used for in Satisfactory? ›

Caterium Ingot is smelted from Caterium Ore and is primarily used to craft Quickwire. It can be also crafted into standard Wire using alternate recipes.

What is nitrogen used for in Satisfactory? ›

Nitrogen can be used in a variety of ways, such as metallurgy, cooling, and Nitric Acid production. On Massage-2(AB)b, it can be extracted from underground gas wells.

Is there a jetpack in satisfactory? ›

The Jetpack allows the pioneer to fly up to 22 meters vertically when the jump key is held down, or 50 meters if you are spamming the jump-key as fast as you can, and 136 meters horizontally.

How many body slots can you have in satisfactory? ›

The starting size is 18 slots, and the current maximum size is 81 slots.

How do I install satisfactory mods? ›

Click the download link and upon downloading, run and install the launcher(3). Once installed, open the Satisfactory Mod Manager. It may take a few minutes to run initially. At this point, SML users will be asked to uninstall the SML which will be done automatically by the Mod Manager.

What is LOD dithering satisfactory? ›

what does lod dithering do in the game it's, when, when objects are in the distance we load in like a lower, a model of the same thing that has less vertices like the amount of polygons on the object and when you're getting close to that there's a there's an effect that's called dithering where it will render both of ...

How do you Underclock satisfactory? ›

Usage. To change a clock speed, interact E with a building and look at its lower left of the UI. Underclocking can be done freely, however overclocking requires Power Shards, which are crafted from Power Slugs.

What are turbo motors used for satisfactory? ›

Turbo Motor is a late-game component used for building the Miner Mk. 3 and Particle Accelerator.

What is a manifold satisfactory? ›

Manifold, a.k.a. in-line splitting / merging refers to a type of building style where splitters or mergers are aligned in series (that is, one after another), usually parallel to the arrangement of buildings. This allows for compact building space and easier expansion. It is the opposite fill method to the balancer.

Are there cheats in satisfactory? ›

Satisfactory has a cheat console that allows you to activate cheats. As we all know that Satisfactory is a game of craftsmanship. You have to build massive factories also you will have to guard your construction.

What does Arachnophobia mode do in satisfactory? ›

Activating the "Arachnophobia Mode" option replaces the Stinger models with three sprites of cats with an animated hologram filter, to make the stinger visuals more palatable for those with arachnophobia.

What does Misophonia mode do in satisfactory? ›

[Experimental] Enable Directional SubtitlesOn/OffEnables directional subtitles for hostile creatures that show their movement, action, and attack sounds (e.g. Flying Crab Hatcher hatching or Hog footsteps)
Misophonia ModeOn/OffChanges the sound while eating to clicks instead of eating sounds
9 more rows

Is it worth overclocking fuel generators satisfactory? ›

Power generators overclock differently from power consumers. However their fuel consumption rate is always proportional to power production of the building. Hence, overclocking a power generator will not increase the fuel efficiency.

Should you overclock in satisfactory? ›

Always overclock the source

While production buildings can be overclocked, it is always best to overclock the building that produces the raw materials. These are Miner Mks and Oil Extractors. Production lines can always be expanded and it is all dependent on the output of the source or raw materials used.

Does overclocking use more power? ›

Yes over clocking draws more power from a PSU.

What are motors used for in satisfactory? ›

The Motor creates a mechanical force that is used to move things from machines to vehicles.

What is meant by turbo engine? ›

What is a turbocharged engine? A turbocharged engine is an engine that uses the turbine-driven forced induction method to power the vehicle. This method forces recycled car exhaust into the engine's combustion chamber. A turbocharged engine can have up to 50% more air flowing through it than a traditional engine.

What does overflow do in satisfactory? ›

Fluid Overflow allows you to deal with excess fluid so it does not halt your production line when it backs up.

Does satisfactory have a creative mode? ›

The No Cost Creative Mode is a debug flag in the game that allows you to build things without needing the required items in your inventory. Great for when creating tutorial content and it doesn't require you to use mods.

What is an overflow manifold? ›

Overflow Method/Manifold System Breakdown and How To - YouTube


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