Street Light Pole Suppliers, Aluminum Street Light Pole (2023)

The Guide for Street Light Pole Height

  • Street lighting pole plays an important role of the modern city at night, so street lighting design must be considered in many aspects, such as the height, brightness, shape, etc of the street light pole, these all need to be noted. The layout of the street lights must first take into account the functional needs, both to have sufficient illumination and to avoid glare. In order to ensure safety, it is often necessary to repeatedly compare technical and economic indicators to determine the best solution.

Street Light Pole, Bracket and Fixture Selection

Yaolong street light poles, brackets and arms are engineered according to AASHTO standards and accepted commercial criteria. Proper selection for an application is based on information such as EPA, wind zone, applied range, mounting height and other attachments (such as banner arms and flags). This information is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Upon customer’s request, we will provide design information (such as EPA charts and wind maps, which is as general guidelines only and assumes no responsibility for proper loading analysis and/or product selections. To ensure proper selection of the light pole, luminaire, accessories and/or foundation, Yaolong street light pole suppliers recommend the customer consult a qualified engineer to analyze the loading and design criteria for the specific application. At the meantime, Yaolong light pole can also consult qualified engineers for your customized project at a surcharge.

The Material of Street Light Pole

  • With the development of modern science and technology, the style of street lamps has become more and more beautiful and the variety is more abundant with the requirements of modern life. Street lamp is widely used in various types of road lighting such as main/sub-main roads, highways, expressway, industrial garden areas, city squares, schools, parks, scenic roads, and rural roads of various types of cities. ; According to different environmental requirements and special requirements of the road light pole material selection is also different.

    A.Aluminum street light pole
    Most of the aluminum alloy poles used in street lighting are made by spinning technology. The spinning aluminum alloy street light poles are made by 6061/6063 aluminum alloy tube which is high-speed spinning by large diameter numerical control equipment to form tapered or shaped rods. The aluminum alloy pole has the characteristics of good anti-corrosion performance, lightweight, convenient transportation and installation, rich surface treatment and long service life. The conventional height of aluminum road lighting is 5 to 15 meters. Aluminum alloy street light poles are more expensive than other materials because of the relatively complicated process and relatively expensive raw materials.
    B.Stainless steel street light pole
    The light pole is made of stainless steel and has different grades such as 304 and 316L. The lamp post has a straight diameter straight pole shaft, and there is also tapered pole rolled of stainless steel sheet. Stainless steel street lamp post common height is 6 meters to 12 meters. The thickness is generally 2.5 mm to 4.5 mm, with the characteristics of strong hardness, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and high-cost performance.
    C.steel street light pole
    The steel street light pole is made of carbon steel Q235A steel. Through the Q235 steel plate shearing, rolling, welding and other processes, it is made into a semi-finished lamp post, and then they were treated with acid pickling, hot-dip galvanizing and surface spray or painting to form a finished rod. After the internal and external hot dip galvanized the lamp pole can improve its anti-corrosion performance, but compared with stainless steel street lamps pole and aluminum alloy street lamps post, steel lamp poles have low utilization value, short service life and are easy to rust.

Common Aluminum Street Light Pole

  • Aluminum street light poles off the advantage of being lightweight, easy to machine and also provide natural rust resistance. These advantages make aluminum a great choice when your project is in wet areas or near water.
    Parking Lots
    Sports Fields

Common Stainless Steel street Light Pole Applications:

  • Stainless steel street light poles provide many advantages versus other styles, the largest advantage comes in their strength. If you are mounting a large number of fixtures or if your project location is in a very windy area then steel light poles are the right choice. Another major advantage of steel is the lower cost compared to aluminum.
    Parking Lots
    Sports Fields

    The Guide for Choose LED

    • The height of the street light pole:
      The height of the light pole: the power of the light source has a direct relationship with the height of the light pole. In principle, the higher the light pole, the greater the power of the light source, although a small wattage light source can be installed on a higher street light. Illuminate the ground, but this ratio is not ideal both in terms of brightness and illumination.
      Types of light sources:
      At present, the light sources used in street lighting can be basically divided into two categories: LED lights and high-pressure sodium lamps. The power of these two lamps is completely different under the same illumination range and the same illumination brightness. We know that LED lamps can be called synonymous with "green energy-saving light source", its energy-saving effect is well known, such as a set of 7-meter-high street light poles, the brightness of a 40W LED lamp head and the brightness of a 110W high-pressure sodium lamp almost the same.
      Environment used:
      The environment used: Whether it is equipped with high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps or LED energy-saving lamps. The environmental factors will also affect their power. For example, if the street lamp is installed in the countryside and the city center, even if the two places have the same height of the lamp pole, the configuration of the light source will be completely different. Why do you say this? First of all, the human traffic and traffic volume in the city center is pretty large, and the people there will spend more time walking at night. Thus the requirements are also generally high, and this environment must be installed with a high-power light source. The countryside is different. There are very few people who go out to play at night. A little light can meet the brightness requirements. In this case, the light source with a small power point is no problem, and it is cheap and power-saving.

Aluminum Street Light Pole Basic Knowledge

A.Aluminium alloy street lighting pole raw material
The aluminium street light pole used for spinning is all 6061 or 6063 aluminum alloy pipes of equal diameter. It is an excellent aluminum alloy building profile and is widely used in street lamps, flagpoles, etc., with high wind pressure resistance. , assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties. In addition, the light pole of aluminum alloy material is light in weight and environmentally friendly.

B.Aluminum street lamp pole formation
The formation of the aluminum alloy light pole body is formed by a large-scale full-CNC spinning device to form a tapered or profiled pole shaft during high-speed rotation, and the formed pole shaft will be polished to remove oil stains, burrs, and indentations on the surface of the pole body. Longitudinal welds are not allowed for all rods. For the sake of beauty, the aluminum alloy pole can also be power coated with other colors according to customer requirements.

(Video) Stainless steel light pole and aluminum light pole manufacturing

C.Welding of aluminum alloy street lamp pole bottom plate
In order to ensure the strength of the aluminum alloy pole base, the aluminum street light pole’s base plate and pole shaft will be carefully and circumferentially welded top and bottom. The base of all aluminum alloy poles is made of 6061 or 6063 aluminum plate stamped by special mold, or A356 pressure casting. The welding of the bottom plate of the shaft is all automatic welding. In this high-quality welding process, the strength and aesthetics of the welding are guaranteed.

D.Aluminum alloy street pole electrical hole
Each aluminum light pole has an electrical hole for the junction box. We use advanced laser cutting machine to cut the door panel of the electrical hole. The door panel is cut from the shaft and is one of part of the pole shaft, so it is tightly fitted, and the gap between the door plate and hatch is less than 0.5mm. After deburring, the edge is smooth, which ensures the waterproofness of the electrical hole. The electrical hole is generally opened 500mm above the bottom of the pole (also according to the shape of the rod). At the rear of the door panel, inside the shaft, an aluminum rail is required to weld the junction box. The door lock uses a special lock with a stainless steel anti-theft screw to lock the door panel. It can only be opened by using the professional tools we provide, thus improving the anti-theft performance of the product.

E.Aluminum alloy street light pole grounding system
The aluminum strip is folded into an "L" shaped workpiece, one side of the workpiece is welded to the inner wall of the rod, and the other side is opened with a hole of M8 for grounding the wire.

F.Aluminum alloy street light pole strength treatment
The aluminum products processed by the aluminum alloy pipe factory are further annealed by the furnace to obtain the T0 state, also named the annealing state. In order to make the aluminum alloy poles have the strength of steel, all of our aluminum alloy poles must be quenched and aging to reach the T6 state to meet the international strength standards of aluminum rods.

G.Aluminum alloy street light pole surface treatment
1.Aluminum light pole clear anodized
Anodizing is an electrochemical process that produces an oxide layer on the surface of a metal by electrochemical means. The light pole is immersed in a cleaning and pretreatment tank prior to immersing the product in an acidic electrolyte bath. The current releases oxygen ions through the material that combines with the aluminum atoms at the surface of the component to increase the thickness of the native oxide layer on the aluminum. The thickness of the oxide layer is available in several different sizes, depending on the location of the installation and the local environment. After anodizing, the product forms a 20μm closed film layer to ensure the corrosion resistance of the lamppost in any natural environment, and to ensure that the rod has no obvious discoloration within 25 years. Unlike other coating options, this anodic oxide structure is fully integrated with the underlying substrate so it does not chip or flake off.

2.aluminum alloy street lamp post color
A.Aluminum alloy street light pole chemical coloring
The chemical coloration of aluminum and aluminum alloys is mostly carried out on an anodized film. There are few methods for chemical coloring directly on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys, and the resulting color film has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the color range is wide. However, it is generally not used as a protective layer alone, and it is often used as a background color on parts whose surface needs to be painted.
B.Electrolytic coloring of aluminium alloy street lamp pole
The color film obtained by the electrolytic coloring process of aluminum and aluminum alloy has good wear resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the decoration and anti-corrosion of aluminum profiles for modern buildings. With the utilization and development of solar energy and the diversification of daily commodities, the electrolytic coloring process of aluminum and aluminum alloys will be more widely developed and utilized.
The electrolytic coloring process has the characteristics of color fastness and fading, and is the most widely used coloring method at present. Yellow, champagne, bronze, brown, black, etc. can be obtained by changing the coloring time.
C.Aluminum alloy street light pole spray
The surface of the aluminum alloy pole can be sprayed with colored polyester powder, which has the characteristic of bright color, anti-UV and no fading.
Note: Due to the difference in material between the aluminum alloy light pole, the bottom plate, the welding wire, etc., it is inevitable that a certain color difference will occur in the welded part after anodization. If you want to ensure the consistency of the color of the surface of the rod, it is recommended to use the surface treatment of spray or fluorocarbon spray.

Stainless Steel Street Light Pole

A.Stainless steel light pole raw material
The whole pole is made of stainless steel and has different grades such as 201, 304 and 316. The types of stainless steel street lamps are round straight light pole and conical shaped light pole. Conical street light is rolled by stainless steel plates. The height of stainless steel poles is generally 3 to 15 meter. The shape of street light pole commonly is round tapered, with a 3.34inch diameter taper at the top with a 7.87-inch butt diameter. The design of the upper and lower enhances the stability of the pole. Stainless steel light poles have the characteristic of strong hardness, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and smooth.

B.Stainless steel street light pole welding way
①Weld seam welding, as an important step in the formation of street light rods, has stringent requirements for the process. After the sheet is bent and formed by the plate bending machine, it enters the welding process, and the welding process called submerged arc welding. The process steps are:
1. Grinding treatment. Before welding, the welding position should be polished to prevent rust at the weld to cause bubbles after welding.
2.Straight line welding. Straight welding (also called submerged arc welding) of the polished tube blank, because the welding is fully automatic welding, it has very strict requirements for the treatment of the pre-tube blank. After welding, the welding line should be straight, and the whole is smooth and free of bubbles.
②Another welding process is automatic argon arc welding, which perfectly integrates the interfaces and does not see the shape of the welded joint. After finished the welding, it is also required to carry out ultrasonic flaw detection. Strict requirements, no one cannot be welded.

C.Stainless steel street light pole surface treatment
The surface of the pole is smooth and there must be no cracking, leakage welding, continuous air hole, undercut, and inequality. The linear error of the center line of the pole is not more than 0.02% of the length of the rod. The appearance of the rod has no unevenness and no trace. The appearance of the pole has no obvious defects, so the surface treatment of the stainless steel pole is very high.

1. Hot dip galvanized
The hot-dip galvanizing process consists of three steps: surface preparation, galvanizing, and inspection.

  • Surface treatment: For high-quality hot-dip galvanizing, steel must be properly prepared prior to immersion in a molten zinc bath. During the surface preparation stage, the material going through degreasing /corrosively cleaning, pickling and fluxing.
  • Galvanizing: After surface treatment, the steel is immersed in a bath of molten zinc. The zinc pot contains at least 98% pure zinc and is maintained at a temperature between 815º-850º F (435º-455º C). When the steel is immersed in the kettle, the zinc reacts with the iron in the steel to form a series of metallurgically bonded zinc-iron alloy layers, with the final top layer being 100% zinc.
  • Inspection: The inspection process for galvanized steel is quite simple. Zinc does not react with unclean steel, so a visual inspection of the product provides a good assessment of the quality of the coating. Coating thickness tests and ASTM-compliant tests will also be performed.

2. Satin-brushed finished
Brushing the stainless steel produces a distinctive look with a muted luster and a pattern of fine parallel lines. It has strong decorative appeal without being too reflective, as too much reflectiveness can be undesirable. For example, overly reflective stainless steel accents on a building could be blinding in bright sunlight. The drawbacks to this finish include reduced corrosion resistance because the grooves of the finish are susceptible to rust.

3.Mirror Finished
Mirror polishing is highly reflective and is made of polished stainless steel. The polishing process enhances appearance and consistency, making cleaning easier. It also masks the sequelae of soldering and masks surface damage.
Mirror polishing is made by mechanically treating the surface with a series of tapered abrasives. Alternatively, a special rolling procedure can be used which simulates the appearance of mechanical wear. At this stage, deep scratches must be removed because any surface defects are very noticeable on the finished product. The final process involves polishing the surface for 5-10 minutes to form a mirror-like highly reflective surface.

(Video) SOKOYO street light pole production process

Comparison of Different Materials

A.Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy street light poles
• The density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3, it is 1/3 of the steel, so the aluminum is much lighter than steel.
• Easily machining(Drill, Cut, Mill Punch, Bend, Weld, etc).
• Stable Chemical performance, recycle, aluminum is a green metal which is friendly to the environment.
• Excellent corrosion resistance.
• Excellent performance on surface finishing.
• The melting temperature of aluminum is lower than steel and low cost for recycling to all of the world’s energy-saving emission reduction.

• The price is experiencing than other material
• When mass production is made, raw materials need to be purchased.
• Not suitable for large area welding

B.Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel street light pole
• High corrosion resistance
• After the polished, the surface is smooth and bright
• Long service life, Waterproof and lightning protection

C.Advantages and disadvantages of Q235 street light pole
• Good strength
• Easily rust and corrosion
• Weights three times as aluminium and high freight cost
• Limited recycle value
• Galvanizing is hard for Environment
• Can not use plug-in installation
• the way for surface treatment is less

Advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass street light pole
• light in mass
• Good strengthPlug-in installation
• Short life
• No recycling value, very difficult to handle
• Ultraviolet damage is common
• Expensive maintenance costs
• Easy to be damaged by external devices
• Strength tends to decrease at low temperatures

Why Choose Us?

Company Information
Yaolong is a company that continues to innovate and develop.We provides a huge variety of stylish outdoor architectural products, including commercial and architectural flagpoles, street light poles, garden light poles, landscape light poles, traffic light poles, bollard lights, security bollard.

Production team
Headquarters in foshan, Yaolong has set up 5 factories in China,total building size is about 40000㎡ with more than 200 employees.In addition,Yaolong street light pole suppliers is a modern enterprise which integrates R&D, design, production and distribution.

Advance equipment
(1) 16m long bending machine. We can make 16m pole in one piece without joint. It will be stronger and safer.
(2) T6 heat treatment oven .With this process, the aluminum poles will be much harder.
(3) 12m long *3m wide precise and efficient laser cutting machine. It can cut the raw material up to 30mm thickness.Specially used for cutting door flame, logos on the top of bollard post, hollow patterns on stainless steel bollard, etc.
(4) Stable and automatic plasma welding machine.
(5) 15m long anodizing facility for the spinning aluminum pole. It improves the corrosion resistance a lot.

Rich export experience
Our company's main products are not only sold to domestic markets, but also exported to many countries like the United States,Canada,Australia,United Kingdom, Russia, Holland, Germany, Spain, UAE, Oman,Qatar,Saudi Arabia etc.

solar street light pole design
With the continuous improvement of solar cell conversion efficiency and production technology, the application of solar photovoltaic power generation is more and more extensive. In the field of lighting, solar street lamp, as the main application mode of the photovoltaic power generation system in China, has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. At present, it is found that many people have one-sided considerations in solar street light pole design, such as the consideration of peak time, the choice of battery capacity and the understanding of continuous cloudy and rainy days.

As a new type of green energy, solar energy has been rapidly promoted and applied with its incomparable advantages. As the sixth generation light source, it has been effectively used in urban lighting beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting and other fields of lighting and application, especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting has more extensive application prospects. In the west of our country, the non-main road solar street lamp, the solar energy courtyard lamp gradually becomes the scale.

Solar street light pole system consists of four parts: lamps, solar panels, batteries, controllers, has the following advantages: no rotating parts, no noise; No air pollution, no sewage discharge; No combustion process, no fuel required; Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost; Good operation reliability and stability; Solar panels, a key component, have a long life, and crystalline silicon solar cells can last more than 25 years. Working principle is to use solar street lamps light born v effect principle of solar cells, solar cells absorb solar photon energy to generate electricity during the day, is stored in the storage battery by the controller, when the night falls or photovoltaic panels around the light are low, the battery supply power to light by the controller by setting off after a certain amount of time.

decorative street light poles
The safety and sturdiness of any street lighting resolution you decide on are necessary. The brightness of the sunshine emitted can rely upon the supply similarly because of the height of the pole itself. reliableness of the lighting supply is additionally an element. aggressive atomic number 11 (HPS) lighting dulls and dims over time. As a result, the world lighted by these sources might not be as safe as alternative bright lit ones.

Durability is another key issue to stay in mind once buying a street lighting post. These products must endure the weather and also the check of your time. durable posts are those who need very little maintenance and may survive extreme weather changes. Contractors, builders, and developers ought to take into account forged aluminum or steel solutions. These materials are robust, nevertheless light-weight, and may stand up to lots of wear and tear and tear.

LightMart has decorative street light poles that can provide a distinctive look and feel for your lighting application. Their decorative poles still provide all of the strength and reliability you would expect from a LightMart product, while also providing an architectural look.

Choosing the correct decorative street light poles is vital likewise as selecting high-quality aluminum street light pole. Yaolong aluminum decorative street light poles are made from premium materials and advanced production machines. It will become stunning street landscapes in each town within the world.

valmont street light poles
Valmont street light poles VS Yaolong street light poles
Valmont is one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure solutions. Valmont street light poles can be crafted from steel, aluminum, concrete, wood or fiberglass.

Yaolong as leading aluminum pole manufacturers includes a skilled design team to style and customize light-weight poles for several comes or client want. Yaolong street light poles have adopted totally different material to satisfy numerous demand. stainless steel street light poles have totally different grades like 304 and 316L. The aluminum street light pole is created by 6061/6063 aluminum alloy tube that is high-speed spinning by giant diameter numerical management instrumentality to make tapered or formed rods. The steel street light pole is created of steel Q235A steel.

Advantages of Yaolong aluminum alloy street light poles
• The density of aluminum is a pair of.7g/cm3, it's 1/3 of the steel, therefore the aluminum is far lighter than steel.
• Simply machining(Drill, Cut, Mill Punch, Bend, Weld, etc).
• Stable chemical performance, recycle, aluminum is a green metal that is friendly to the people environment
• Glorious corrosion resistance.
• Glorious performance on surface finishing
• The melting temperature of aluminum is less than steel and low price for utilization to any or all of the world’s energy-saving emission reduction.

single arm street light pole
Generally, we live in a place where there is only one light pole for solar street lamps. However, we often see two arms extending from the top of some light poles on both sides of the road. Two lamps are installed to illuminate the road on both sides.Single arm street light pole is one of the most common in road lights, with only one arm, weld smooth level off, after forming the anti-corrosion galvanized and plastic processing appearance is beautiful and easy, concise and fluent modeling characteristics, usually installed in a nearby river, slope, or wide on either side of the road, road lighting, induction of safe driving.

As a derivative of the single arm street light pole, the double-arm solar street light pole has two arms, and the rod body is made of Q235 low-carbon and high-quality steel, which is bent and welded at one time.

The welding seam is smooth and even, and it is processed by anticorrosive hot galvanizing and plastic spraying.The two arms have a certain symmetry, which is more abundant than the single arm solar street light pole, but it is not suitable to be installed on a narrow road in a single road condition. It is generally installed on a multi-lane green belt, giving consideration to both sides of the road, or the road section with special lighting requirements.

street light pole types
With the increasing demand for street lamp lighting, the market of street lamp pole is becoming more and more huge. But do you know how street light pole types are classified?

Here are five street light pole types:
(1)Aluminium alloy street light pole
The aluminum alloy street light pole USES the high strength aluminum alloy manufacture, the factory not only humanized has protected the personnel to be safe, moreover, the intensity is high, does not need any surface treatment also to have more than 50 years the corrosion resistance, moreover very beautiful. It looks more upscale. Aluminum alloy has better physical and mechanical properties than pure aluminum: easy machining, high durability, a wide range of application, good decorative effect, rich color and so on. Most of the lampposts are sold overseas, especially in developed countries.

(2)Stainless steel light pole
Stainless steel light pole has the best chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance in steel, next only to titanium alloy. The way that our country adopts is to undertake hot galvanizing surface treatment, the product life that hot galvanizing accords with the international standard can achieve 15 years. Otherwise, it's nowhere near. Most of them are used in courtyards, communities, parks and other places. Resistance to heat, high temperature, low temperature, and even ultra-low temperature.

(3)Cement steel light pole
Cement lampposts attached to city power poles or erected separately are being phased out of the market because they are bulky, costly to transport and dangerous.

(Video) steel light pole manufacturing process-Street light pole production line-Light pole making machine

(4)Iron steel light pole
Iron lamp post, also known as quality Q235 steel lamp post. It is made of high-quality Q235 rolled steel, hot dip galvanized and sprayed, it can resist corrosion for 30 years and is very hard. It is the most common and used the street light pole in the street lamp market.

(5)Fiberglass steel light pole
Glass fiber reinforced plastic lamp pole is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has many kinds. Its advantages include good insulation, high heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength.

electric street light pole
Lack of natural light during nighttime in the urban environment was always a problem. From basic inconvenience that people cannot see where they are going to the greater chance of being attacked or mugged during the night. Because the problem was there since humans started living together, the history of street light is maybe longer than we think. But thanks to the rapid urbanization fueled by the industrial revolution, the first electric street light pole was installed in Paris, and since then they have become a common feature in almost all cities in the world. Nowadays, street lights pole becomes an important role in people life.

The main advantages of electric street light pole include accident prevention and increased safety. Studies have shown that darkness can lead to a large number of crashes and deaths, especially those involving pedestrians; the probability of pedestrians dying in the dark is between 3 and 6.75 times during the day. A few decades ago, when car collisions became more common, the electric street light pole was found to reduce pedestrian impact by about 50%.

standard street light pole height
Street lamp poles play an important role in the night of modern cities, so street lighting design must be considered in many aspects, such as the height, brightness, shape, etc of the street light pole, these all need to be noted. How to determine the height of the street light pole?

Before installing the street light, you must determine the purpose of installing the street light, such as lighting or landscape. After confirming, you can choose whether to install street lights or garden lights. Generally, the standard street light pole height is more than 5 meters, and the garden lights are about 3 meters. This directly determines the height of the street lights.

The installation of street light poles must be determined. For example, the installation heights of rural roads, county-level roads, provincial-level roads, etc. are not the same, mainly determined by the width of the road. For example, a road that is 5 meters wide needs to be installed with a pole that is 5 meters high. If it is 10 meters wide, it needs to be equipped with a pole of 8 meters. The wider the road surface, the higher the height requirement for the pole.

The height of the pole is selected according to the density of the road passing through the vehicle and the type of vehicle passing. For example, through the roads with large vehicles, it is suitable to install high-level street lamps, and low-level street lamps can be installed almost without the roads of large vehicles.

street light pole suppliers
Street light pole is making a major impact on the cities of the world, whether it’s street lighting in foreign countries or street lighting in China. You will find many street light pole suppliers from at home and abroad. Over the past few years, many American cities have been replacing their sodium vapor and fluorescent street lights with LED street lighting pole. In Los Angeles, city avenue lights have been switched over to LED lighting, and the metropolis had such an extra of strength in utility plants that it ought to create a hundred new car-charging stations for electric powered cars. In New York City, LED road lights have been acquired well, due to the fact they reduced glare and excess mild air pollution for citizens of the city.

In China, street lighting pole also plays an important role in the city's lighting. City lighting should satisfy the function of the city's people's nightlife and show the urban landscape at night. Street light pole suppliers - Yaolong with fourteen years experience with strong design group of supplying aluminum street light pole and stainless steel street light pole. Any design is to serve life, street lighting pole design in essence is also closely associated with the cultural life generated with the aid of human wisdom. Look down any street, you will find that the lighting not only supports guiding in dark but they also help maintain a perfect level of illumination and decorate the road.

street light pole manufacturer in saudi arabia
Street lighting poles are widely used in developed countries such as the United States as well as in developing countries such as South Korea, Philip, India, and Saudi Arabia. In the process of city street lighting use, countries have also accumulated a large number of experience in the design, manufacture, application of street light pole.

So, what is the reason for the street light pole design not only widely used in developed countries like the United States but also in countries such as Saudi Arabia?

The country’s growing necessities for power environment-friendly lighting fixtures systems due to rising industrialization is amongst the key elements driving the Saudi Arabia avenue lighting market.Moreover, elements such as increasing population, the boom in the real property zone and rising degrees of urbanization are additionally growing a wonderful influence on the demand of clever lighting fixtures technology across the residential and industrial sectors. The Saudi Arabian government is also emphasizing on the adoption of smart street lights structures for the duration of the area in order to balance the rising power needs and limit operational costs.

Inara Lighting Company is the street light pole manufacturer in Saudi Arabia with the philosophy of serving the Saudi Market with innovative lighting fittings. Inara caters decorative lamp poles on the streets of Holy Makkah, beautifying the streets also adding safety value to the city. Inara lighting is also committed to providing various Tunnel and Road lighting solutions to the Holy Makkah municipality.

philips street light pole
Man's attempts at artificial lighting of city streets began in England in the early 15th century. In 1843, the first street lamp appeared in Shanghai, China. Urban development has been inseparable from the lighting services of street lamps.

There can be no smart city without lighting. First of all, the energy-saving significance of smart pole street lighting is so popular that not only leads save electricity, but also the smart control of the time and brightness of lights on and off can greatly reduce urban electricity consumption. Is the most rare, intelligent lighting function of built-in sensors, as the Internet of things visible and the invisible hand in the application, with the network of lighting environment, people, vehicles, and other objects into perception in the network, can realize the whole city of mobile broadband and the application of coverage, provide support for the construction of smart city.

Philips smart street light pole not only serve as an important connected light source which can be remotely managed but they also house technology to improve mobile network performance across the city. The poles can be installed with minimal interruption to normal city activity, such as car and pedestrian traffic, and because they are a 2-in-1 solution – a connected device that also provides necessary light without taking up extra space – smart poles have been called the digital real estate for the Internet of Things.

(Video) Street Light pole Installation

(Video) How It`s Made | Street Light Poles


What can I use for a street light pole? ›

For street light poles, steel is a better choice to have over aluminum for several reasons, the most important being different types of vibrations.

How much is a light pole? ›

The average street light pole cost ranges from $2,000 to $3,000, not including installation. The installation cost depends on the city, but the average is somewhere around $1,000.

What is the diameter of a street light pole? ›

The pole shaft is made from aluminum alloy 6063-T6 with a wall thickness of 0.188 inches, has an overall mounting height of 30 feet, and maximum EPA rating of 0.7 at 110 mph. The butt diameter is 8 inches and tapers to 4.5 inches in diameter at the top.

How tall is a street light pole? ›

In most cases, street pole heights range from 9 to 14 feet. Ideally, the street light pole should provide sufficient light without there being an excessive glare. Although they help fight crime, street lights are meant to illuminate the way for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Are light poles aluminum? ›

Developed to be lightweight and high-strength, aluminum light poles are a popular choice for street lights, highways, car dealerships, parking lots, and residential areas. Aluminum also provides several important benefits as a material for light poles, including: Easy to install.

What material are light poles? ›

Concrete, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic. They can be round, square, tapered, octagonal, hexagonal, or fluted. They can be extruded, cast, poured, wrapped, cold rolled, welded, or stamped. Lets look at a concrete, street light pole.

How much does a 20 foot light pole cost? ›

Quantity Pricing
10 - 19$795.43

How much does a street light pole weigh? ›

Ordering more than 10? Request a quote and we'll back to you with our lowest price.
Type of AreaPole / Street / Parking Lot
Handhole Size2 x 4
Pole Height30' Ft
Pole Weight223 lbs.
Pole Width6" x 6"
9 more rows

What do you call a light pole? ›

A street light, light pole, lamp pole, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path.

What is distance between pole? ›

Thus the distance between the poles is equal to 46 m.

How many meters are between street lights? ›

Technically, the distance between two street lamps should be 29 meters. This is defined by calculations of pole heights and other factors. Intention of keeping a standard distance is to maintain good illumination on streets. But at many places in PCB the distance between two lamps is as much as 50 meters.

What is a tapered pole? ›

Tapered poles are the most common pole as their form of construction makes it easy to vary the capacity and stiffness if the pole by varying any of the following: Increasing overall diameter of the pole which is not restricted to set sizes (unless a die is required such as for round tapered poles)

How tall is an average light pole in a parking lot? ›

How tall is a parking lot light pole? Parking lot LED light poles are most commonly 15-20 feet tall; this height is ideal for maximizing the light coverage of a larger area while minimizing the number of light poles.

How much does it cost to install a light post? ›

Lamp Post. Lamp posts cost an average of $700 to install, but you can pay anywhere from $400 to $1,000. Because homeowners usually have lamp posts installed a fair distance from their property—often close to the sidewalk—they cost more to install; the pro has to run electricity from your home to the lamp post.

How do you measure the height of a light pole? ›

The most accurate method for measuring the height of a flagpole is to use a surveyor's theodolite to measure the angle of elevation and the distance from the base of the pole. With that information, you can calculate the height from the tangent of the angle of elevation.

Is an aluminum pole strong? ›

While aluminum poles tend to last longer, they aren't as strong as steel, so they can't hold as much Effective Projected Area (EPA). That's the area of the pole that is “loaded” by the wind. They're ideal for use in areas of lower wind speeds.

What metal are street poles made of? ›

While carbon steel, iron and aluminum are more commonly used for pole applications, stainless steel's superior performance in all of these design categories makes it the most cost effective long-term choice.

How long do steel light poles last? ›

With a zero-maintenance finish that is highly resistant to attack by salt spray, smog, chlorides, acids or alkaline, stainless steel poles have a life expectancy of 100+ years.

What type of aluminum are light poles made of? ›

Standard Aluminum Poles and Pole/Arm combinations are constructed of the highest quality seamless extruded tube of Aluminum Alloy 6063 (round shafts and arms) or Aluminum Alloy 6xxx (square shafts) per the requirements of ASTM B221.

How long do street lights Last? ›

Long and predictable lifetime: The projected lifetime of LED street lights is usually 10 to 15 years, two to four times the life of currently prevalent HPS.

How are light poles formed? ›

How It`s Made | Street Light Poles - YouTube

How do you make a street light pole? ›

Street Light Pole Production Process
  1. Steel plates are used for the manufacture of light poles. ...
  2. The steel plate is sent to the cutting machine and cut in a conical shape. ...
  3. The cut steel plate is bent in a hydraulic press machine to form a polygonal or conical pole.
9 Oct 2021

What material must a lamppost have? ›

Lamp posts are usually made of aluminum, wood, and copper. Aluminum posts are generally made of tough, rust-free cast aluminum that is sanded or brushed to have different finishes.

What are materials needed for street light? ›

Street lights are commonly made of corrosion resistant metal such as aluminum or a strong plastic material such as high density polyethylene to be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Street lights are commonly pole-mounted, on either dedicated poles or existing utility poles.

How do you make a steel pole? ›

how its made Steel Poles - YouTube

Is street light a pole code? ›

HS Code used for Street light pole - Export
Hs CodeDescriptionNo of Shipments
7308Structures (Excluding Prefabricated Buildings Of Heading 9406) And Parts Of Structures (For Example, Bridges And Bridge
73089070Tubular steel poles for electric transmission and distribution lines4
5 more rows

How do you design an efficient street light? ›

Spacing is the distance, measured along the center line of the road, between successive luminaries in an installation. To preserve longitudinal uniformity, the space height ratio should generally be greater than 3.
(2) Proper Placement of Pole:
Set Back (BS 5489)
Design SpeedPole Set Back
120 Km/Hr1.5 Meter
3 more rows
20 Aug 2020

What is overhang in street lighting? ›

Overhang (see Figure 2) is the horizontal distance between the center of a luminaire mounted on a bracket and the adjacent edge of a carriage way. In general, overhang should not exceed one-fourth of the mounting height to avoid reduced visibility of curbs, obstacles, and footpaths (Corporation of Chennai, 2003).

What metal are lamp posts made of? ›

Aluminium, treated with a protective and non-corrosive powder coating, is also used. Stainless steel is however, more popular due to its inherent strength. A galvanized steel version incorporates a thin zinc layer that protects steel, or iron, from corrosion.

How deep does a light pole need to be? ›

Calculating the Depth of the Pole

Poles are typically set into the ground: 10% of the overall height + 2 feet, except in questionable soil conditions. Example: Overall pole height: 30 feet, the pole should be buried: 3 feet + 2 feet = 5 feet below grade, and 25 feet above grade.

How tall should an outdoor lamp post be? ›

A standard residential post should extend from the ground approximately 6 feet high, and the light on top should add an additional 2 feet, bringing the total height of the fixture to approx. 8 feet high.

How do you calculate the number of street light poles? ›

Spacing between each Pole=(LL*CU*LLD*LDD) / Eh*W. Spacing between each Pole=(33200×0.18×0.8×0.9) / (5×11.5) Spacing between each Pole= 75 Foot. Space Height Ratio = Distance between Pole / Road width.

What voltage do street lights use? ›

The most common streetlight operating voltage was 120 volts (62%) followed by 240 volts (28%). Most entities that own streetlights (82%) use individual photocells to control the on/off function of the streetlight.

How do I attach a metal pole to concrete? ›

How To Install a Fence Post Onto a Concrete Base - YouTube

How do you cut a thick metal pole? ›

How To Cut Metal - Ace Hardware - YouTube

How do you cement a pole? ›

How to Set Posts in Concrete (without mixing) - YouTube


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